Virtual Tournaments Regulation!

  1. All competitors will receive medals and certificates of participation!
  2. Download your video now, to evaluate your form and receive your award.
  3. The cost of this virtual tournament is $ 15.00 per category, (Traditional form, Weapon Form, Musical Form and invent From) you can only participate with only one form per category, it will be published in different social networks.
  4. All students who are formally enrolled in Master Baez Marcial Arts are the only ones who can participate at this time.
  5. To have permission from their parents to participate, their parents will have to fill out the application of the event giving the authorization and then they will be given the permission to be able to upload their video.
  6. All payments will be made after submitting the application and the payment will be online, no payment will be accepted in the office only the application and you will be told by email where to download the video.
  7. The Grand Master Baez, Maestro Esteban and Mr. Enrique Garcia will be evaluating the videos and taking the punctuation and the like and comments that recive each video since it will be posted on Facebook and the one that most like and comments have, will have a special gift, for the first, second and third place!
  8. This virtual tournament will be open until December 31, 2018.
  9. Students can participate in 4 different categories, Traditional Form, Weapon Form, Musical Form and Invent From.
  10. Only one form per month is allowed, if the student chooses to participate in different categories he can download one per month, because the event will be open until December 31, 2018.
  11. Any questions regarding this event please ask at the office!